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Panasonic PT-DX100ULK

Our innovative dual lamp system with its new bulb contributes to the compact size of the housing while providing 10,000 lumens of brightness modes 220-240 V AC. Lamp Relay mode, the system also eliminates any interruption if a lamp fails and allows constant projections.
Dynamic RGB Amplifier Panasonic also offers high quality images with excellent brightness and superb color reproduction. Similarly, the processor Detail Clarity Processor 3 brings depth and clarity to details.
The Panasonic Dynamic Iris function uses a mechanism linking opening scenes for a remarkable 10,000:1 contrast without sacrificing brightness. This feature helps reproduce deeper blacks and rich, and produces images with detailed textures.
In terms of maintenance and reliability, an optical dust proof prevents ingress of particles to keep the quality of the images and a new cooling mechanism, which includes a heat sink block through a heat pipe, and reduces wear device damage. In combination with a replacement cycle of up to 3000 hours lamp, the projector offers lower cost of ownership and maintenance.

To optimize the integration with other systems, DIGITAL LINK compatibility allows the transmission of audio and control signals, HDMI and uncompressed video via a LAN cable

Product Specifications

Resolution: XGA (1024x768)
Lumens: 10000
Contrast: 10, 000:1
Warranty: 3 years


Panasonic PT-DX100ULK

Panasonic PT-DX100ULK

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