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Chief RPAO

Universal Projector Mount (1st Generation Interface Technology, Black)

The RPAO is Chief's 1st generation of low profile Universal Projector Mounts. The top-selling projector mount in the industry! Its perfect for stocking dealers or unplanned installations where the projector type is unknown.



  • Independent roll, pitch and yaw for quick and precise projector registration
  • Quick connect/disconnect for convenient lamp and filter access on most projectors
  • Maintains registration when disconnected and doesn't affect preset adjustments
  • All-Points Security exclusive steel-into-steel locking hardware at all key connection points to protect against theft
  • Multiple installation options: flush mount to ceiling, mount with 0.25" threaded rods, or mount with 1.5" NPT threaded extension column
  • Cable management without additional accessories
  • Solid steel design for secure mounting
  • Adjustable mounting legs and feet
  • Adjusts horizontally and vertically for unmatched flexibility!
Chief RPAO

Chief RPAO

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