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Chief WM220AUSI

Interactive Projector Wall Mount (30" Extension with Lens Shift)

Breakthrough interactive wall mount for ultra short throw projectors. Built-in interactivity makes any projector interactive using eBeam technology. Available March 28th

•Also supports wall-mounted long-throw projectors.

•Built-in interactivity powered by eBeam Technology makes any projector interactive.
•Robust interactive software for real-time annotation and dynamic presentations
•Scalable to create interactive spaces from 48" - 94" (diagonal)
•Universally compatible with short throw projectors for an easy upgrade path while simplifying projector service
•Integrated lateral shift for dual stud applications and right or left lens projectors
•Micro leveling adjustment for heavier projectors and uneven mounting surfaces
•Fast installation with innovative quick-connect system
•Integrated cable management system conceals and protects cables
•Includes hardware for wood stud, steel stud, and concrete wall construction
•RSM projector mount (included) features microadjustments for precise alignment
•Security lock built into RSM for additional security and fast disconnect for service
•Includes All-Points Security for tamper-resistent installations
Chief WM220AUSI

Chief WM220AUSI

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